Little Tummy Tigers - Tummy Time and Sensory Play Workshops

Little Tummy Tigers Workshops:

The fun 5 week workshops will cover the importance of Tummy Time as a position for play, as part of a play ‘diet’ including other positions that promote physical and brain development for baby.

Important to remember is baby should ALWAYS be put on their BACK to SLEEP (expert information on this can be found under ‘Safer Sleep’ on the Lullaby Trust website). Tummy time must always be supervised by a responsible adult and baby placed on a safe surface.

Did you know, that typically developing healthy babies can begin with 1 – 5 minutes tummy time 3 – 4 times a day, the important thing is for this to be graded, gradually increasing the time and responding to baby’s cues. The best time for tummy time is when baby is a ‘calm alert’ state, clean nappy, comfortable and ideally not immediately after a feed.

Once baby has got used to this position the time spent on their tummy’s can be gradually increased over time, adding on 1 minute every 4 or 5 days – This is not a race, the important thing is baby is comfortable and happy. We go at their pace in their time and each baby is different.

The workshops aim to help with any barriers or misconceptions to tummy time and bring the fun and bonding time to this play position. We can discuss challenges you find and suggestions to overcoming them. If there are any specific medical or addition needs for your child, or you then please include them on your booking form so that we can advise prior to you attending if there is anything additional you need to be able to attend safely and comfortably, or any medical advice you need to obtain first prior to attending.

You will learn positions on parent/caregiver for 0 – 3 months such as ‘Tiger in the Tree’ and ‘Tummy to Mummy/Caregiver’

In the 3 – 6 months group as baby’s core strength and development progress we introduce new position for this age range/developmental stage.

Typically developing babies in this group will be aiming to build up to around 60-90 mins a day e.g. 10 mins over 6 – 9 times a day. Again, this all depends on baby’s cues, development stage and comfort, there isn’t a tick list or test at the end. It’s about play, bonding, learning and meeting other new parents in the process.

There’ll be different play themes and songs each week, and for doing such a great job baby will get their very own certificate of completing the workshop as a little one we are proud to call a “Little Tummy Tiger”

It’s going to be Roar-some (couldn’t help myself)!

Jen Tee

Accredited Tummy Time Practitioner