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Halcyon Moments: Baby Massage & Wellbeing Classes

As well as being a wonderful bonding experience for you and your little one, baby massage is known to have real benefits for baby's development and wellbeing.

It can help with:

☁️ Digestion & Colic

☁️ Help improve sleep

☁️ Reduces stress, with the release of Oxytocin the 'love hormone', for you and baby

☁️ Help with brain development and forming the connections between body and brain

☁️ Emotional resilience that can continue to benefit them in later life

☁️ Act as pain relief including helping with teething pain.

Fun Facts

My inspiration for the name of the baby massage classes at Sense of Calm comes from Greek mythology. Halcyon is meant to be characterised by happiness in a moment of time, as well as calm and peace.

It is also a mythical bird linked to the kingfisher and ancient legend has it that, about the time of the winter solstice, such birds built floating nests on the sea, where they so charmed the wind god that he created a period of unusual calm that lasted until the birds' eggs hatched.

So there you have it! Halcyon Moments Baby Massage Classes will be all about calm and bonding with your little one, enjoying the moments spent with them and meeting other new parents and their little ones on the same journey 💖