Covid-19: Policy

To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, we take the following actions to mitigate risks from Covid-19 and its variants:

◉ We limit the number of customers in attendance during each Session to ensure social distancing. Seating is managed by each Venue, whose policies are available below. We've purposefully chosen quiet times, when general footfall is reduced.

◉ We make sanitising hand gel available to our customers in order to ensure hygiene provision and ask that our customers use this before and after accessing the Sensory Space.

◉ The Sensory Space is fully ventilated between each Session by opening all access points to promote airflow.

◉ All shared equipment is sanitised with surface disinfectant in between each Session.

◉ We provide exclusive use of the Sensory Space, which is limited to one group, to ensure no communal mixing in this area. The customer is responsible for making their own assessment of who to share the space with, taking into consideration up-to-date government guidelines.

◉ We carry out monthly CO₂ assessments of our Sensory Space at any given Venue to indicate whether there is adequate and safe ventilation and airflow for our customers. This consists of hourly assessments throughout all sessions during an allocated day of the month.

Mask wearing is currently mandatory in the Venue's building with the exception of eating, drinking or exercising. This will protect our more vulnerable visitors and staff and help keep you safe too. We can provide face masks to customers when required. We will also support anyone who is unable to wear a face covering due to a physical, mental or hidden disability.

Test and Trace

Sense of Calm customers are obligated to adhere to each Venue's Covid-19 safety measures. The Venue will provide access to a Test and Trace QR code where indicated.

Current Venue list:

Déda's Covid-19 Measures