Q1 - What are Sense of Calm's Pop-Up Sensory Sessions?

A new concept that creates a calming sensory experience for children aged 0-3 that encourages development and bonding. This provides an opportunity to switch off from the distractions of modern parenting and be present in the moment, as a unique space to build upon nurturing connections. The sensory equipment and toys help to develop cognitive skills, motor skills, awareness and alertness. The Exclusive Sensory Area is a 3-by-3-metre partially enclosed space set away from the main Café seating area.

Q2 - What does Sense of Calm: Pop-Up Sensory Sessions NOT do?

It is not soft play, a playgroup, nor is it a space for children to be left unattended.

Q3 - Is there an opportunity to socialise with other parents?

Absolutely. We encourage you to attend at the start of the main 75-minute Session, as this will be an opportunity to meet other caregivers before accessing your 15-minute Sensory Area timeslot. It is our hope that parents will take advantage of this social opportunity, though this is not compulsory. It is equally acceptable to attend with the purpose of socialising within your own group during your session.

Q4 - Are there group activities?

At the start of each Session there will be an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to other attendees. We will offer activities or information on a variety of topics, including child development, mindfulness and wellbeing. We wish to make the sessions as useful as possible for you during your time with us, so we encourage you to provide feedback and suggestions that may improve what we deliver going forward.

Q5 - How do I leave feedback?

Please contact us via our email info@senseofcalm.org or via our Contact Form. All opinions are valid, so please let us know what we are doing well and what could be done to make the session even more enjoyable/informative/accessible.

Q6 - Are the sessions accessible for people with disabilities?

Inclusiveness is important to us and we want to do everything we can to make our sessions accessible, including for those with physical, mental or invisible disabilities. We choose venues that prioritise accessibility as this is in line with our values. There are baby change facilities and disabled toilet access on the ground floor of the venue.

Q7 - Can I bring my own food to the venue?

Policies at different venues may vary. Déda does not permit the general consumption of personal food or drink within their café. For more information, please contact Déda on +44 (0)1332 370 911.

Q8 - Does the venue cater for dietary requirements?

Déda offers a reasonably priced and varied menu. They aim to accommodate various dietary requirements. For further information, please contact Déda on +44 (0)1332 370 911.

Q9 - Is it a breastfeeding-friendly space?

Yes, we ensure that the venues we choose are inclusive when it comes to breastfeeding. For those who are weaning their child, highchairs are provided at the venue.

Q10 - Can I bring a child who is older than 3 years?

You may bring them with you to the café area, but they cannot be booked onto a Sense of Calm session. They must not be left unattended and must be under adult supervision at all times. Please be mindful that seating is limited in the café, partly to ensure adequate social distancing and respect for other customers. It is not acceptable to leave a child unattended while you use the Sensory Area.

Q11 - Can I bring a partner or friend with me?

The minimum bookable 15-minute Sensory Area slot is for one adult and one child. The maximum attendance is two adults and three children for a 15-minute slot. The Sensory Area capacity is under constant review and is dependent on feedback, safety and Covid-19 measures. It is the customer's responsibility to make their own assessment as to who to bring with them when booking a session and prior to attending.

Q12 - How many people will be at a session?

The sessions consist of four 15-minute timeslots in the Sensory Area. Therefore, the maximum number of attendees at any one session is 8 adults and 12 children within the café area.

Q13 - Can I attend without a booking?

We encourage you to book prior to the session to avoid disappointment. However, slots may be available or become available on the day, in which case payment can be made in person using our chip-and-pin device. We do not accept cash, or carry cash. This is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Q14 - Can I cancel or rearrange?

Yes, we acknowledge that circumstances can arise that may mean you are unable to attend your session, or perhaps it may be that a calming space does not suit your child’s energy level that day, so we do offer the opportunity to reschedule prior to attending, up until the start time of your session. Regrettably we cannot offer refunds on cancellations, (see Terms & Conditions for more information). You can cancel but no refund will be issued, we therefore suggest you consider using the reschedule option in that instance if you still wish to attend but on another day.

Whilst we encourage everyone to try out our sensory sessions we acknowledge that not all children learn the same or enjoy the same types of activities. If your child has particular needs that may make the session more accessible to them please do contact us and we can do our best to make reasonable adjustments.

Q15 - I'm having issues booking or rescheduling a session. What do I do?

Please contact us via our email info@senseofcalm.org or via our Contact Form, as we are happy to help and may be able to resolve the issue remotely.

Q15 - In addition to using my own 15 minutes in the Sensory Area, can I also join a friend who has booked separately in the same session?

We advise teaming up with a friend when making your initial booking, as this guarantees that you can share the Sensory Area as you would like to. When two bookings are made separately for the same session and you'd like to share a timeslot, we can often facilitate this, but we do charge £2.50 for the additional 15 minutes of sensory time. This is to ensure fairness for all customers and provides equality with regards to booking opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions below, we're happy to answer any other questions you may have via email info@senseofcalm.org or our Contact Form. Please visit our About page for more information about Sense of Calm.