Little Tummy Tigers: Newborn - 3 months

Newborn - 3 months Tummy Time Info.:

Tummy time is a position for play - Back to SLEEP, Tummy to PLAY. It can be introduced from birth. The important thing is for it to start as short supervised periods of time. The best tummy time positions for this young age are on their parent/caregiver.

Our sessions will focus on gentle, nurturing tummy time holds. This can be on the chest, lap, arms and legs, as a way to safely and slowly challenge baby's core strength and fine motor coordination through a gradual introduction.

What to Expect (FUN!):

Tummy time information as a position for play and its important role in baby's physical and mental development.

Tummy time positions appropriate for age range.

Songs and Themed Play

Bonding time with your child and an opportunity to meet other parents.

"I'm a Little Tummy Tiger" Completion Certificate

Cuppa and a biccy included!